2008 Events

The Qeynos Cheese Caper
Timorous Deep Relay Race


Posted by Ninibi

What the heck is Gnomedarts?

Well, this site may be the quicker, self explanitory version, German though it may be. (language barrier not withstanding, that's a fun game!)

The short and sweet of it, when it comes to Everquest II: the idea is based on lawndarts - throw one, it sticks in the ground, right? Well, take a gnome...

Soul decided to expand on this by making use of the tinkered parachutes & the islands scattered all over Tenebrous Tangle. We figured we'd have a paratrooping contest and see where we could get to. Unfortunately he neglected to look at the required level for the parachutes (26), so we got a few level 2 gnomes up there only to find they couldn't use the parachutes. At that point, our skydiving gnomes decided to bravely forgo use of any safety devices and just plummet to their targets.

Some of us, there to help clear out dangerous beasties, went for gnome illusions and parachutes and made a game of seeing how far we could glide.

One of our "older" gnomes in action.

More screenies:

Watching from one of the isles as Brightward takes to the skies.

From the air, flying over to meet the HM Paratroopers.

Uh oh...

Whew, what a view!

Having landed on the "island with the tree on it."


We had a blast with this, then someone said "I wonder how this would go in Bonemire" so we headed over there and found we could land on the spires over Halls of Fate...then someone said "We should go to a raid zone!"

Imagine: you're standing outside Labs waiting for your raid to arrive, and level 2 gnomes start falling from the sky to splat at your feet.

I offered to tank the zone, but wasn't taken seriously. :(

Offers to assist being brushed aside, we took matters into our own hands and zoned in. Someone said "I wonder how far we can train..." and a new game began of "You distract the bad guys, we'll run past!"

A few attempts:


Not looking good...

Winner was Clatter, who made it down to Alzid's room.

The Qeynos Cheese Caper

Shuu sent us off to find cheeses!

Sunday, March 30th, the Holy Might Rat Colony & a couple adopted "other species not quite rat" gathered outside Qeynos & readied themselves to invade. The Fabled Cheese had been purloined and our mission was to find it!

Tricky culprits hid themselves in the suburbs of Baubleshire & Greystone Yard, North Qeynos and Elddar Grove.

As the army consisted of small, and therefore not battle hardened, rodents, alas, there were many deaths.

Luckily a spy (who shall go unnamed, of course) from the Qeynosian side was on duty to provide battlerezzes to the victims.

Forces gather outside the gates.

Solyce flirts up a new young ratty with stylish earrings.

More of the mushy flirting, this time at headquarters in the Down Below

Qeynos Guard is pretty aggressive about "rat problems." Eep!

Hiigei dispenses some helpful advice. Just a minute or two too late...

The "cheese" safely recovered (Wyce/Soul = Baubleshire, Audra/Sundyne = Greystone Yard, Wyce & Buma = North Qeynos, Ninibi & ummmm...err...I forget...I was hiding! = Elddar Grove), winners recieved fancy prizes to place in their home!

Timorous Deep Relay Race

Actual Footage!

(Ok, totally unrelated but am I the only one that finds it amusing irony that piano guy is smoking in correlation to the subject matter of the video? Please let me know if the link breaks, btw. ~Nini)

The course was plotted by (you guess it!) Shuu, who devised both "not too painful" and "absolutely excruciating" for racers. We divided into groups and were told we could use evac and runspeed... I think call of the tinkerer was outlawed.

During the course of the race, Elucidar's ventrilo bugged out, so we were treated to random audio cues as to where he was.

Helpfully, I started commentating on his locations (*muffled underwater noises* "Elucidar is in the water!" *hoofbeats on sand* "Elucidar is on the beach!" *hoofbeats on stone* "Elucidar is climbing the mountain!"), for those not on vent.

We didn't realize until later that Elu had no idea he was keying up, and couldn't figure out why I was watching him so closely!

As in all races, of course things went wrong. My horse died, someone was overcome by animal instinct in wolf form and went after parrots. My clockwork illusion didn't stand up to the salt water and rusted terribly.

There was a technical difficulty with the baton, in which a runner accidentally threw it for a wolf on the other team & we were forced to utilize a make believe one, instead.

In one case, Evac took team members to a different (and remarkably unfamiliar) location.

When it was all over, we gathered back in the cave by the docks to drink hot cocoa, dry off, collect our prizes, preen into mirrors and throw hunks of bread at each other's heads.

Overcome with spavins and heaves, Reimani's horse collapsed before the race.

Injuries still not healed from her fall, a lonely zombie Reimani sets out.

Reimani again, keeping Crydo entertained while waiting for their respective runners. He wasn't impressed with her garbled rendition of "I left my heart (and lungs) in Timorous Deep."

A lost clockwork finds answers in the graceful flight of the pelican.

Here Glen, have some BREAD!

Mirror, Mirror on the wall who's the lovelie... WTH?

As always, we had a blast! Thanks hugely to Shuu for organizing this fun event and providing prizes!